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Preparing and Responding to Emerging Pandemics (PREP)

Cluster leads: Joseph Mankowski and Shruti Mehta

The Preparing and Responding to Emerging Pandemics cluster will address key gaps in computational methods from modeling to phylogenomics and One Health. This investment will ensure a group of interdisciplinary faculty who can rapidly leverage existing tools, expertise, and relationships to guide evolving scientific inquiry and policy decisions around current and future pandemics.

This cluster will be recruiting 3 Bloomberg Distinguished Professors and 3 junior faculty members to collaborate together along with existing Johns Hopkins faculty in these areas of research.

Interested in this cluster? Contact us to learn more.

Open positions

  • Please check back soon for a list of open positions.
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    Vice Provost for Research

    265 Garland Hall
    3400 North Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    (443) 927-1957

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