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Internal Funding Opportunities

Below are internal funding opportunities that have been submitted from centers and institutes across Johns Hopkins University. Please note that this may not be an all-inclusive list of internal opportunities. If you have an opportunity you would like us to publicize here and in the monthly digest email, please fill out this form by the last Wednesday of each month for inclusion in the following digest.

If you would like to be added to the monthly internal funding opportunity announcement listserv, please contact RDT.


Funding Sponsor Program Title Max Amount of Award Due Date Notification Date
Gupta-Klinsky India Institute at Johns Hopkins University and Ashoka University Breakthrough Research Grants Program – Summer 2023: Climate & Health $45,000 LOI: September 8, 2023
Full Application: September 29, 2023
November 2023
The Breakthrough Research Grants Program supports JHU faculty pilot projects involving interdisciplinary collaborations with India-based research institutes. This research grant will help enable an understanding of the intricacies of the Climate & Health nexus through interdisciplinary and intersectional research collaborations. It demands collaboration between climate scientists, public health professionals, social scientists, policymakers, and community stakeholders. By investigating the complex connections between climate change and health, researchers can generate knowledge that informs evidence-based interventions, policy frameworks, and adaptive strategies to mitigate and respond to the health challenges posed by climate change. This call for proposals seeks to promote research that addresses critical gaps in understanding and advances knowledge at the intersection of climate and health. We encourage innovation and collaborative projects that examine various dimensions of the relationship. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate clear pathways for translating research findings into tangible actions that promote climate resilience, health equity, and sustainable development.
Eligibility: Applicants must be a full-time faculty at a Johns Hopkins-affiliated School (Research Associate, Assistant Scientist or Associate scientist or Instructor or Assistant Professor or Associate Professor level) who are currently collaborating or planning to collaborate with a research team from any India based research institute/group including education institutes, government, and non-government organizations that are affiliated and recognized by the Government of India. Co-principal investigators must include India-based researchers. Multidisciplinary collaborations will be prioritized. Collaborations that can bring partially or fully matched awards from an India-based funding agency will be prioritized.


Gupta-Klinsky India Institute at Johns Hopkins University and Ashoka University Breakthrough Research Grants Program – Fall 2023: Health Data Research $60,000 September 13, 2023 October 2023
The Breakthrough Research Grants Program provides funding for pilot projects led by faculty members from Ashoka University (Ashoka), and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) that involve interdisciplinary collaborations. This opportunity is focused on health data research including the following (but not limited to): Data analytics and intelligence, predictive modeling;  Bioinformatics tools including in omics (proteomics, transcriptomics, glycomics, metagenomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and epigenomics); Health and wellness behavior modification tools; Common data models (CDMs); Decision support systems; Virtual consult.  Proposals that bring together interdisciplinary teams will be prioritized as well as those proposals that focus on Tuberculosis or Respiratory illness.
Eligibility: Faculty members from Ashoka University and Johns Hopkins University.  PIs must hold a Ph.D. and have creditable research experience. Co-PIs must include researchers from both funding partners. JHU applicants must be full-time faculty at a Johns Hopkins-affiliated School (Research Associate, Assistant Scientist, or Associate scientist or Instructor or Assistant Professor or Associate Professor or Professor level) who are currently collaborating or planning to collaborate with a research team from Ashoka University.


Johns Hopkins University Office of Faculty Affairs Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program One year salary at current NIH level of support for postdoctoral fellows, fringe benefits, $5,000 research funds, $2,000 professional development October 13, 2023 December 15, 2023
The Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program is part of the Faculty Diversity Initiative 2.0, which is one of many programs outlined in Realizing Our Promise: The Second JHU Roadmap on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Office of the Provost has stated that the fellowships “seek to locate, promote, and nurture the work of outstanding early career postdoctoral scholars at Johns Hopkins University.” The program will prepare participants for faculty positions at Johns Hopkins (or elsewhere), particularly in fields where there are fewer women or members of underrepresented minorities. A successful nominee will be someone with diverse life experiences and background who has potential for both a successful fellowship and a possible future tenure-track faculty appointment at Johns Hopkins.
Eligibility: Graduate students from Johns Hopkins or other institutions, who have completed a doctoral degree or will have completed their doctoral degree requirements by the fellowship start date. Current postdoctoral scholars who received their degrees within the last three years. Professional applicants (who have an MD, JD, etc.), who are within three years of completing their professional or clinical training.  Applicants are welcome from any area of study. Priority will be given to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Consistent with the NIH’s Interest in Diversity (NOT-OD-20-031: Notice of NIH’s Interest in Diversity), we encourage those with a diverse background and life experiences, such as racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, individuals from rural or socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and those of LGBTQIA identity to apply. Only US citizens and permanent residents can apply.


Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education Faculty Education Scholars Program $50,000 October 13, 2023 (Phase I) November 17, 2023 (Phase II Invitation)
The Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is pleased to announce a call for applications for our Faculty Education Scholars Program. Each award provides up to $50,000 for 12-18 months to a faculty member or team (maximum of three faculty members) who exhibit promise, innovation, talent and enthuiasm as educators. The Faculty Education Scholar Program has two intentions: (1) to provide support to complete a scholarly project, and (2) to foster the career development of future educational leaders. Proposals with an international focus, provided it relates to the JHUSOM, are also encouraged. Proposals should improve and enhance education and have direct benefit for medical or graduate students, residents, clinical or post-doctoral fellows, faculty or peers at JHUSOM. For international proposals, SOM faculty should have an established relationship with the international site. It is also expected that work emanating from the grant have implications for education locally, nationally and/or internationally.
Eligibility: All active full and part-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are eligible to apply. Applications may be submitted by an individual faculty member or faculty team of up to three.


Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education Small Grants – Continuing Medical Education (CME) $7,500 October 23, 2023 (Phase I) November 15, 2023 (Phase II Invitations)
The IEE Small Grants Program provides funding for JHUSOM faculty members to support educational scholarship and innovation projects. Team members may include learners, and interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. Some calls permit topics in all areas of medical and biomedical education, broadly defined, while others have a specific and more limited focus. In partnership with the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME), grants are available and only scholarly projects that focus on CME will be considered. Topics may include (but are not limited to): Innovative CME programs, Innovative delivery of CME programs (can be for existing CME programs), Interprofessional CME, Enhancing faculty diversity and representation in CME, ILP (Individual Learning Plans), Assessment/Evaluation of existing or new CME activities, Coaching within CME, Use of technology in CME.
Eligibility: JHU SOM faculty.


Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Tilghman Traveling Fellowship $15,000 Rolling basis Rolling basis
Established in 1976 by Dr. and Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman, this traveling fellowship is to be awarded annually to young members of the Medical Faculty to assist them during a sabbatical leave of up to one year to travel outside the Baltimore area to pursue new theories, methods and techniques in their chosen discipline. The funds are to be used toward travel, living expenses, and tuition costs for up to a one year period. No salary or research costs may be paid by these funds. Applications can be submitted at any time, but should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the proposed travel.
Eligibility: Both full and part time members of the Medical Faculty are eligible for consideration. The recipient must be a native-born citizen of the United States and those applicants proposing studies which have a clinical application will be given the strongest consideration.


Johns Hopkins University Older Americans Independence Center Small Pilot Projects $10,000 (direct costs) Rolling basis Rolling basis
The Johns Hopkins Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) solicits proposals to support of scientific projects and junior investigators in research on frailty in aging. The OAIC is a Johns Hopkins-wide Center, funded by the National Institute on Aging’s Center on Aging and Health, to support the development of research on the etiology of frailty as a basis for developing treatments or approaches to prevention of frailty in older adults. Scientists with an interest in developing pilot projects in this area or with needs for support of biostatistical or genetic analyses of data related to frailty, as well as junior faculty seeking protected time to develop investigative careers in this field, are encouraged to apply for internal funding through the OAIC mechanisms. Small pilot proposals must have a hypothesis that is frailty-focused.
Eligibility: Anyone may apply.


The Ignite Fund The Ignite Fund Typically $1,000 Rolling basis TBD
The Ignite Fund offers Hopkins student entrepreneurs access to funding throughout the academic year. The fund’s purpose is to support discrete tasks that will help move a venture forward. In focusing funding this way, we hope to provide student ventures access to capital at key moments. Applications must identify a single discrete task to be funded. Applicant(s) must clearly demonstrate how the task to be achieved by the funding will impact their venture’s next steps. All proposals will be considered, but, in light of limited funding, successful applications will emphasize how to make the most out of minor amounts.
Eligibility: All ventures with at least one current JHU student founder. Ventures who have won Ignite Fund awards previously may apply again if they have completed the closing process (provision of final progress report and receipts) prior to their newest application.


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