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About the Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships

Mike Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships Program is building a cadre of world-class faculty members whose excellence in research, teaching, and service is centered on interdisciplinary scholarship. The Bloomberg Distinguished Professors (BDPs) intellectually bridge the university’s schools and divisions, conduct and stimulate innovative research that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, and train a new generation of collaborative scholars. Together, they advance the university’s commitment to new directions in scholarship and strengthen Johns Hopkins’ leadership in research fields of international interest.

Among the world’s most accomplished interdisciplinary scholars, these faculty link academic disciplines, open novel fields of inquiry, and invigorate the entire community, all in the service of tackling society’s most complex problems. BDPs are appointed in two or more schools or divisions, including academic centers reporting directly to the provost, or in two or more departments within a single school.

With appointments across all 13 divisions at Johns Hopkins, BDPs serve as human bridges, connecting academics across divisions and departments to build intellectual communities that transcend traditional research disciplines. BDPs are strengthening a culture of interdisciplinarity across the university and training a cadre of students in a variety of approaches, from a wide array of disciplines, to form a new generation of “interdisciplinarians.”

Launched in 2013, the program is backed by a gift from Michael R. Bloomberg, Johns Hopkins alumnus, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, and 108th mayor of New York City.

The majority of Mr. Bloomberg’s original gift was dedicated to creating 50 new interdisciplinary professorships, galvanizing people, resources, research, and educational opportunities to address major world problems. In 2021, a second gift from Mr. Bloomberg will enable 50 more exceptional scholars to be recruited to Johns Hopkins University, creating a cohort of 100 Bloomberg Distinguished Professors. A third gift in 2023 will expand the program to include 30 additional Bloomberg Distinguished Professors focusing on data science and translation – bringing total number of BDPs to 130.

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