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FAQ – Limited Submissions

  • What is a limited submission?

    Limited Submissions are funding opportunities where the sponsor has placed a limit on the number of responses (or applicants) it will permit from an institution.  Upon learning of such an opportunity, the University’s Office of the Vice Provost for Research (VPR) initiates an internal limited submission competition, which requires interested applicants to submit a preproposal.  The VPR has sole responsibility for managing the review of each preproposal and the choosing of which applicant(s) are selected to apply to the sponsor directly.

  • How do I write an effective internal preproposal?

    We tailor preproposal templates to the goals and review criteria of each opportunity. You should read the entire RFP, and answer template questions based on the sponsor’s criteria. Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, and technical jargon, but do write at the level of a highly educated lay person. It is also important that the project description explain the critical need for your research. Consider the following:  What is the problem? What has been done so far? What is the gap that remains? How will you address that gap?

  • I missed the internal deadline for a preproposal. Can I still be considered?

    Late submissions to the internal deadline are handled on a case-by-case basis, and even then are only considered if the number of submissions received is less than the number allowed. The internal competition officially starts upon receipt of preproposals, and we enforce the deadlines in the interest of fairness, consistency, and transparency. Following a competition where we receive fewer responses than the number of submissions allowed, the remaining submissions are filled on a “first to notify us” basis.

  • Do I need a COEUS budget for an internal preproposal?

    No. Preproposals should tell how much funding will likely be requested and an idea of how that money will be used/justified. The numbers should be as realistic as possible but are not final or binding for the actual proposal.

  • I want to add a faculty member to a preproposal but haven’t been able to confirm their interest since they are traveling. Can I just write them in and confirm with them later?

    No. Please confirm the interest of all participants mentioned by name in a preproposal before submitting. If you are unable to get in touch with someone, you can note that you will pull in certain expertise from a person yet to be identified (e.g. – Chemical engineer with expertise in polymers – TBD).

  • How much consideration is put on the team members during an internal review?

    All team members should have a well-defined role in the project and appropriate expertise. Build meaningful partnerships with potential collaborators prior to proposal submissions whenever possible.

  • How do I find the deadlines and contact information for limited submissions?

    You can find a list of open competitions, including deadlines and contact information, on our limited submission website here.


  • What do I do if your website doesn’t list a limited submission opportunity that I am considering?

    Contact [email protected] as soon as possible. Depending on the proximity to the deadline, we will either initiate an internal competition or determine if you can be allowed to proceed as “first to notify.” If you fail to notify us, you may waste a great deal of your hard work if someone else already notified us and received the permission to proceed.

  • How long will it take for me to hear whether I have been selected to apply to the sponsor?

    The VPR makes every effort to ensure that successful internal applicants have sufficient time to prepare a full proposal upon being notified of their selection.  Typically, the VPR strives to provide interested parties one month from the date of notification to submit their preproposals. The VPR then aims to notify applicants (both successful and unsuccessful) within one week of the internal deadline.  These internal deadlines are set to approximately two months before the full proposal is due to the sponsor.  In some instances, the above timeframes may be shortened due to circumstances such as when the VPR becomes aware of a limited submission opportunity, or when a given sponsor chooses to publicize its RFP.  

  • Who will be reviewing my application? Can I reach out to anyone to provide support to my preproposal?

    All preproposals are reviewed under the auspices of the VPR.  To ensure fairness, the VPR will only speak with applicants to clarify certain aspects of a preproposal that are unclear, or to gain required information that is missing from the application forms.  All decisions of the VPR are final.  

  • I have been nominated to move forward as a JHU applicant. What is the process from here?

    Once you have been notified that you have been nominated to move forward on an award, you should work with your department administrator and JHURA representative to ensure your proposal submission meets the University and sponsor guidelines. A JHURA representative will also assist with the submission of your application to the sponsor. For more information, please click here.

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