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What are the Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships?

The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships serve as the cornerstone of an ambitious effort to advance cross-disciplinary work across the University.

The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships (BDPs) will form a cadre of one hundred world-class faculty members whose excellence in research, teaching, and service is centered on interdisciplinary scholarship. The BDPs bridge the university’s schools and divisions, conduct and stimulate innovative research that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, and train a new generation of collaborative scholars. Together they strongly advance the university’s commitment to new directions in scholarship and to fields where Johns Hopkins is especially well-poised to assume a position of intellectual leadership.

The BDPs will be appointed in at least two schools or divisions, including academic centers reporting directly to the provost. In exceptional cases, they also may be appointed in two or more diverse departments within a single school. The length of appointment term – to be at least five years at a time – is negotiated by each school or affiliate with renewal as the default expectation upon completion of each term.

The BDPs will hold tenured positions in each unit (where tenure is available) and will teach, conduct research, and perform service in each unit. For administrative purposes, one academic unit will be the lead in each appointment.

Teaching: Where possible, the BDP will teach in each unit, with a load appropriate for a senior faculty member. All BDPs are encouraged to teach undergraduate as well as graduate students. Teaching responsibilities will be negotiated in advance of the appointment.

Service: Each BDP will perform service appropriate for each unit, with effort divided according to the terms of the appointment.

F&A: The F&A generated by each BDP will be allocated where costs are incurred, consistent with federal regulations. The F&A split will be negotiated by the relevant deans or directors.

When a BDP retires or otherwise leaves the position, the professorship reverts to the president and provost to be reallocated and awarded to a new candidate, following the appointment procedures in force at the time.

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