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Health Care Worker Protection

Team Leaders: Allen Kachalia (Medicine), Richard Rothman (Medicine), Tener Veenema (Nursing), Kathy McDonald (Nursing/Medicine)

  • Projects:
    • Front Line ED Health Care Workers (HCWs) at Johns Hopkins Hospital During COVID-19: Disease Incidence, Correlates, and Biologic Markers, PI: Richard Rothman (Medicine)
    • Mental Health and Social Support for Health Care Workers Serving COVID-19 Patients, PIs: Tener Veneema (Nursing), Svea Closser (Public Health), Johannes Thrul (Public Health)
    • Improving HCW Safety through Appropriate PPE Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and Implementation Science Approach, PIs: Ayse P Gurses (Medicine), Tener Veneema (Nursing), Kathy McDonald (Nursing/Medicine)
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    Vice Provost for Research

    265 Garland Hall
    3400 North Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    (443) 927-1957

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