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Foundation Funding Opportunities

The Office of Foundation Relations has identified private foundation funding opportunities of interest to the Hopkins community. While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, it provides a range of opportunities across academic disciplines.

We encourage faculty and researchers to contact us at if interested in applying for any of the opportunities listed below. We would be happy to learn about your work and discuss potential strategies for securing foundation support. We can provide background on individual foundations, guidance on developing competitive proposals and endorsement letters, and serve as a liaison to program officers.

Please note, some foundations require that any approach for funding be made through our office and some limit the number of proposals received from Johns Hopkins University in a given grant cycle. In some cases, Johns Hopkins has maintained long-standing institutional relationships with key funders. To help identify those foundations that merit a more strategic approach, our office maintains a list of centrally managed foundations. We strongly encourage contacting our team before communicating with or submitting a proposal/letter of inquiry to those selected foundations.

Foundation Funding Opportunities

wdt_ID Submission Deadline Opportunity Sponsor Maximum Award Amount Description
157 09/30/2023 Innovator Award Kenneth Rainin Foundation $300,000 Kenneth Rainin Foundation's Innovator Award provides early support for innovative ideas leading to improvements in preventing, predicting, diagnosing and treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The award supports individual research projects with grants of up to $150,000 and collaborative projects involving multiple investigators with grants of up to $300,000. Grantees who demonstrate significant progress are eligible for up to two years of additional support.
158 10/17/2023 LOI Research-Practice Partnerships Spencer Foundation $400,000 The Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) Grants Program is intended to support education research projects that engage in collaborative and participatory partnerships with project budgets up to $400,000 and durations of up to three years. These grants will support research and glean new insights into the processes, practices, and policies that improve education for learners, educators, families, communities, and institutions where learning and teaching happen. Applications open mid-September 2023.
159 10/11/2023 Research Grant Pfizer $250,000 This grant supports IBD research initiatives focused on the precision medicine approach: the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual patient, which encompasses a multitude of data-driven (including multi-omic) approaches to foster appropriate clinical decision making. Other relevant areas of interest include research on ways to improve IBD management among underserved groups and the socio-economic and psychological burden of IBD. Grants up to $250,000 may be awarded.
162 10/15/2023 Research Scholar Grants American Cancer Society $200,000 American Cancer Society's grants are investigator-initiated and may pursue questions across the cancer research continuum, as long as they fit within an American Cancer Society priority research area. These are etiology, obesity/healthy eating and active living, screening and diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and health equity across the cancer control continuum. Awards are for up to 4 years with up to $200,000 a year for direct costs, plus 20% allowable indirect costs.
163 10/31/2023 LOI National Glaucoma Research Program Grants BrightFocus Foundation $200,000 BrightFocus Foundation's National Glaucoma Research Grants provide funds for U.S. and international researchers pursuing pioneering research leading to greater understanding, prevention, and treatment of glaucoma. They offer two types of awards: Standard and Postdoctoral. Standard awards provide funding for researchers who have already generated some amount of preliminary data, but are often required to demonstrate additional, significant progress before they can apply to governmental or industrial funding agencies. Postdoctoral awards are intended for young researchers in their final stages of mentored training. The former is for $200,000, while the latter is for $150,000.
164 09/27/2023 Simons Fellows in Mathematics Simons Foundation $125,000 The Simons Foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) division invites applications for the Simons Fellows in Mathematics program to make sabbatical research leaves more productive by extending them from a single term to a full academic year.
165 11/15/2023 LOI Research Grants Gerber Foundation $350,000 The mission of the Gerber Foundation is to enhance the nutrition, care, and development of infants and young children. To that end, the foundation is accepting concept papers for health and/or nutrition-related research projects with potential to have a significant impact on issues affecting infants and young children from birth to three years of age. Total grant size should be no more than $350,000.
166 11/15/2023 Technology Impact Award Cancer Research Institute $200,000 This award aims to encourage collaboration between technology developers and clinical cancer immunologists and to generate the proof-of-principle of a novel platform technology in bioinformatics, ex vivo or in silico modeling systems, immunological or tumor profiling instrumentation, methods, reagents and assays, or other relevant technologies. The award provides seed funding of up to $200,000 to be used over 12-24 months
167 Rolling Pioneering Ideas Grants Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $315,031 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Pioneering Ideas Grants seeks proposals that are primed to impact health equity moving forward. The foundation is interested in ideas that address any of their four areas of focus: Future of Evidence; Future of Social Interaction; Future of Food; Future of Work. They may also support research outside of these areas, as long it offers a unique approach to advancing health equity and contributes to the foundation's Culture of Health. While there is not an explicit range for budget requests, the average grant during the 2019 cycle was for $315,031.

Last updated: August 2, 2023

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