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Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

Download the most recent file of external
undergraduate opportunities HERE

(xlsx file; updated June 2020)

This is a continuously updated repository of federal and private funding opportunities that are intended for undergraduate students. The opportunities are pre-sorted chronologically and alphabetically, and can be searched by funding amount and subject matter.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please refer to the sponsor’s funding announcement for complete details on each opportunity.

If you would like to add an opportunity to the list or have any questions, please contact the HOUR office at Learn more about undergraduate research support and opportunities at HOUR.


Additional External Funding Opportunities & Awards:

National Fellows Program at Johns Hopkins

The National Fellowships Program (NFP) at Johns Hopkins is committed to providing support to undergraduate and graduate students in the Peabody Institute and the Krieger and Whiting Schools interested in applying for nationally competitive fellowships. Program Director Dr. Kelly Barry and Assistant Director Dr. Jeannette Miller oversee 22 prestigious external awards funding undergraduate study, post-baccalaureate study/research, and dissertation research. VISIT THE NFP WEBSITE >


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