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Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards: 2016 Awardees


In 2016, 20 Category 1 Discovery Awards and 4 Category 2 Discovery Awards were given to interdisciplinary faculty teams across ten Johns Hopkins divisions. From a new mHealth collaboration to a study of the bat wing as a model system for sensing and feedback control in animals to the creation of new materials for efficient and low-cost solar cell technology, these Discovery Awards are bringing together expertise from across the university to tackle big problems in health, society, the ecosystem, and more.


Category 1:

A New Approach to Engineering Enzymes for Bioremediation – Steve Rokita (KSAS) & Jeff Gray (WSE)

A Systems Framework for the Societal Costs of Antimicrobial Resistance & Use in Global Food Animal Production– Anthony So (BSPH), Reshma Ramachandran (BSPH), Dave Love (BSPH), Roni Neff (BSPH), Keeve Nachman (BSPH), Chris Heaney (BSPH), Meghan Davis (BSPH), Sauleh Siddiqui (WSE), Anton Korinek (KSAS), Karen Carroll (SOM), Trish Perl (SOM), Jessica Fanzo (SAIS/BIB)

Can Toxoplasma Genes Influence Human Psychopathology? – Mikhail Pletnikov (SOM) & Isabelle Coppens (BSPH)

Child Obesity in Low-Income AA Populations: Neurobehavioral & Environmental Influences – Susan Carnell (SOM), Joel Gittelsohn (BSPH), Rachel Thornton (SOM), Kathryn Edin (KSAS/BSPH), Keri Rosch (SOM), Stewart Mostofsky (SOM)

Defining the Primitive Olfactory-Like Chemosensory Signaling in Airway Smooth Muscle – Steven An (BSPH), Jennifer Pluznick (SOM), Lakshmi Santhanam (SOM)

Engineered Human Red Blood Cells for Modeling and Treating Malaria and Other Infectious Diseases – Linzhao Cheng (SOM) & David Sullivan (BSPH)

Hyperspectral Imaging in Human Cancer – Nita Ahuja (SOM), Amit Banerjee (APL), Bashar Safar (SOM), Laura Wood (SOM)

Identifying and Drugging the “Essentialome” of a Pathogenic Eukaryote – Kyle Cunningham (KSAS), Winston Timp (WSE), Brendan Cormack (SOM)

JHU mHealth Collaborative for Fathers – Arik Marcell (SOM), Tim Nelson (KSAS), Alain Labrique (BSPH), Sara Johnson (SOM), Amy Tsui (BSPH)

Leveraging Mendelian Disorders to Map Functionally Relevant Epigenetic Variation – Kasper Hansen (BSPH) & Hans Bjornsson (SOM)

Molecular Signatures of Malaria in Breath – David Sullivan (BSPH), Joany Jackman (APL), Conor McMeniman (BSPH)

Molecular Spectroscopic Studies of Energy Conversion Reactions at Electrochemical Interfaces – Chao Wang (WSE), David Gracias (WSE), Jonah Erlebacher (WSE), Tim Mueller (WSE), Art Bragg (KSAS)

New Materials for Efficient and Low-Cost Solar Cell Technology – Rebekka Klausen (KSAS), Art Bragg (KSAS), Susanna Thon (WSE)

Novel Therapeutics for Intracranial Monitoring and Treatment of Brain Tumor Recurrence – Guanshu Liu (SOM), Honggang Cui (WSE), Renyuan Bai (SOM)

Side-by-side Singing for Improvement in Quality of Life for Dementia Patients and their Caregivers – Sarah Hoover (Peabody), Panagis Galiatsatos (SOM), David Roth (SOM), Dan Hale (SOM), Phyllis Sharps (SON)

The Bat Hand-wing: A Model System for Sensing and Feedback Control in Animals – Cynthia Moss (KSAS), Rajat Mittal (WSE), Joseph Katz (WSE) Noah Cowan (WSE), Susanne Sterbing-D’Angelo (KSAS)

Toward Decoding the Spatial and Functional Organization of the Human Genome in Single Living Cells – Jie Xiao (SOM) & Scott Bailey (BSPH)

Understanding Motivators and Barriers to Blood Donation in Minorities: A Pilot Randomized Trial with the American Red Cross – Mario Macis (CBS), Patricia Brunker (SOM), Aaron Tobian (SOM)

United in Faith, Health, and Strength: Pioneering Faith-Centered, Community-Based Advance Care Planning Within African American Churches – Rebecca Aslakson (SOM), Janice Bowie (BSPH), Lisa Cooper (SOM), Anne Belcher (SON)

Wrestlers to the Rescue: Preventing Neurodegeneration through SUMO-mediated Proteostasis – Michael Matunis (BSPH), Susan Michaelis (SOM), Jiou Wang (BSPH)

Category 2:

Baltimore Birth Cohort – Marsha Wills-Karp (BSPH), Irina Burd (SOM), Tina Cheng (SOM), Xiaobin Wang (BSPH), Sara Johnson (SOM), Dani Fallin (BSPH)

Cancer in Older Adults – Elizabeth Platz (BSPH), Alan Meeker (SOM), Ilene Browner (SOM), Corinne Joshu (BSPH), Thomas Smith (SOM), Jennifer Deal (BSPH)

Systems Biology of Invasive Liver Cancer – Elana Fertig (SOM), Phuoc Tran (SOM), Joel Bader (WSE), Andrew Ewald (SOM), Aleksander Popel (SOM)

Translational Immunoengineering Center – Jonathan Schneck (SOM), Jordan Green (SOM), Jennifer Elisseeff (SOM), Jonathan Powell (SOM), Hai-Quan Mao (WSE)

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