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Research and Proposal Development Resources

About Us

Courtney McQueen >

Sr. Science Writer

As the scientific writer on the Research Development Team, I deeply enjoy learning about the incredible science and cutting-edge research that JHU is conducting, while working with faculty to bring their stories and passions to life via compelling and persuasive writing.

I’m excited to share my own knowledge about grantsmanship and proposal writing with JHU faculty and researchers, particularly early career faculty and those new to the proposal writing process.

Tolise Dailey >

Training Manager

The Training and Proposal Development Resources website will provide techniques and strategies for writing a better, more competitive proposal.

Looking forward to sharing my research administration experience; award management, financial management and regulatory compliance.


Proposal Design & Strategy >

  • Organizing and planning research for a proposal
  • Writing guides, tips, and approaches
  • Grantsmanship strategies

Initiating Collaborations >

  • Getting started on collaborative research
  • Organizing and planning a multi-component proposal
  • Writing guides for multi-component proposals


Getting Started with Collaborative Research
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST
Getting Started with Collaborative Research
More information coming soon
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