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Jessica Fanzo

Global Food and Agriculture Ethics and Policy

Berman Institute of Bioethics
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Department of International Health, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Jessica Fanzo is an expert in the fields of diet, nutrition and food security who leads the university’s collaborative efforts in ethics, global food, and agricultural policy. She focuses on multi-sectoral and system approaches to ensure that people have high-quality nutrition and diets, and has developed and coordinated large-scale applied research projects in in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and East Africa.

Fanzo’s research seeks to understand the links between the nutritional, environmental, agricultural, social, economic and political components of sustainable development. The central thrust of her work focuses on the interaction in food systems between nutrition, climate change, and agriculture so as to propose innovative solutions that can be replicated on a large scale and benefit the health of populations. Her work is concentrated in three areas: on the linkages between agriculture, the environment and climate, and health to improve food systems and environments and the quality of diets; on the importance of regaining food security and agriculture-based livelihoods in post-conflict regions through better governance and food policy; and on the emerging area of equitable, ethical, and sustainable food systems.

Fanzo is the author of Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?, which discusses the intersections of food systems, nutrition, biodiversity and the environment, and what must be done to reverse some of the most dangerous trends the world faces. The book is part of the Johns Hopkins Wavelengths series.

Fanzo joined Johns Hopkins University as a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in 2015 from Columbia University.

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