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School of Medicine Office of Research Administration

Information for Proposal Preparation

Deadline Policy: For applications with a sponsor-imposed due date, complete and final applications are due to ORA at least 3 business days prior to submission due date. ORA cannot guarantee a thorough review of any applications submitted less than 3 business prior to the sponsor’s due date.

Institution Name: Johns Hopkins University

(Note: “School of Medicine” is part of our address, not our Institution Name.)

Private Institution of Higher Education incorporated 1876

 Administrative Office for Notification Purposes:

Office of Research Administration
School of Medicine
733 N. Broadway, Suite 117
Baltimore, MD 21205-1832

[T] 410-955-3061
[F] 410-502-7832

Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3272-01

 Authorized Official:

Thomas F. Burns, JD, MBA
Assistant Dean for Research Affairs,
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine and
Executive Director, Research Administration
Signing Officials vary by Proposal: See signature authority here

Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE): 5L406

 Cognizant Federal Agency:                  

Steven Zuraf
DHHS, Region III
P.O. Box 13716
[T] 301-492-4855


Conflict of Interest Assurance: filed 6/17/05

Congressional District: Seventh. (NIH format: MD-007)

Contractor’s Establishment Code (CEC): 87957134H

DUNS Number: 00-191-0777; DUNS +4: 0000

Federal Employer (Tax) ID Number: 52-0595110 (NIH format: 1520595110A5)

Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE)#: 002077

Fiscal Officer:

Paul Gasior
Johns Hopkins at Keswick
Sponsored Projects Shared Services
3910 Keswick Road, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21211

[T] 443-997- 8151
[F]: 443-997-8419


Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance Number: FWA00005752 (SOM).

For others see:

Institutional Profile # (IPF#): 4134401

Misconduct in Science Assurance: Filed November 4, 2021

North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS): 611310

Registered in SAM: Yes. Exp. 9/30/20

Representative: Kweisi Mfume

Senators: Benjamin Cardin, Chris Van Hollen

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    School of Medicine Office of Research Administration
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    P: 410-955-3061


    School of Medicine Office of Research Administration
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    Clinical Research Support Services

    750 E. Pratt Street, 14th floor
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