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Executive Committee & Mentors

Executive Committee

Alexandra M. Albinak, Johns Hopkins University Research Administration (JHURA)
Anne Albinak, Research Administration Operations, Whiting School of Engineering (WSE)
Jim Aumiller, Business Office, Whiting School of Engineering (WSE)
Allison Benner, Finance and Administration Office, School of Nursing (SON)
Thomas Burns, Office of Research Administration, School of Medicine(SOM)
Kevin Fogarty, General Finance Administration, School of Medicine (SOM)
Paul Gasior, Sponsored Projects Shared Services (SPSS), Johns Hopkins University Administration (UA)
Kristyn Gavrilis-Oliphant, Internal Audits, Johns Hopkins University Administration (UA)
Mary Louise Healy, Business and Research Administration (BARA), Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS)
Cindy Holstein, Biology, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS)
Janus Kurzmann, Research Administration, School of Nursing (SON)
Jonathan Thompson, Director of Talent Acquisition, Johns Hopkins University Administration  (UA)
Lisa Walborn, Administration, Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH)


For full-time trainees, mentors are provided by the sponsoring division for the duration of the program. Supervisors, with the support of the program coordinator and executive committee, serve as mentors for those in the existing staff program.

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