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Proposal Review and Submission

Johns Hopkins University Research Administration (JHURA) is the central administrative office responsible for submitting proposals and accepting awards on behalf of Johns Hopkins University. Sponsored project proposals may only be submitted, and awards accepted, by individuals authorized in JHURA to sign the necessary documents.

All proposals must be received by JHURA within three days of the sponsor deadline and are reviewed, approved and submitted on behalf of JHU by JHURA. JHURA closely interacts with both faculty and department administration to assure smooth and timely processing of proposals.


In order for JHU to meet various compliance and reporting requirements of both the federal government and its own Institutional polices, departments are required to submit ALL proposals for sponsored research to JHURA through Coeus, the official pre-award system for the University. Proposals must be received through Coeus in complete and final form, including all certifications and representations.

Faculty must submit all proposals and awards through JHURA. Proposals must be routed and submitted to JHURA through Coeus. Approval of the proposal is demonstrated by JHURA’s approval of the electronic application, and submission to (if applicable).

JHURA understands that certain sponsors allow only for the Principal Investigator (PI) to be the submitter of the proposal. In these circumstances the department is still responsible for following the 3 business day rule and for submitting the proposal through Coeus for review and approval by JHURA before a PI submits to a sponsor.

Each department has internal policies on proposal deadline and approvals before arriving at JHURA. Check with your department administrator for more information.

JHURA submits all electronic proposals for the University.  Most agencies are accepting proposal submissions electronically and many require it. Read your agency guidelines carefully and, if you have to submit your proposal electronically, contact your department administrator as soon as possible. Some electronic submission systems continually evolve. Staying in close contact with JHURA helps us to make sure your proposal is submitted correctly and on time.

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