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JHURA Agreement Workflow System

The JHURA Agreement Workflow System (JAWS) is the Johns Hopkins University Research Administration’s (JHURA’s) centralized, on-line database for tracking and managing all sponsored agreements, including negotiation, workflow and document storage. To see the status of an agreement, search by PI name, sponsor or a number of other fields.

JAWS allows departments to view and monitor the stages of an Award Life Cycle: agreement creation, negotiation and processing of sponsored agreements managed by JHURA.

To use the JHURA Agreement Workflow System:

  1. Go to the JHURA Systems site
  2. If necessary, log in to your JHED account,
  3. After successful login, the JHURA Systems page will appear.

All users with a valid JHED account will be able to access JAWS on a read-only level for their assigned department.

JAWS User Guide


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