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International Shipping

An unauthorized shipment of a controlled item to another country can potentially bring steep financial penalties to the university rising to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.  It can also result in criminal penalties for individual employees who knowingly export items to other countries in violation of the export control and sanction program regulations.  Please read the information below to help prevent violations and their accompanying penalties.

Plan Ahead and Seek Assistance

JHU departments and their faculty/staff have considerable freedom to export items in support of their work.  Accompanying such freedom is the responsibility to ensure that such shipments are compliant with U.S. export control regulations.

If you are submitting proposals for funding through Coeus, please make certain that your answers to the Research Compliance Questions disclose any likely shipments to other countries.  This will alert the Export Control/Facility Security Office to the possibility that you may need a license for some of your shipments.   This, however, is not a failsafe screening mechanism; if you are uncertain whether a particular shipment to another country is authorized, please contact the Export Control/Facility Security Office.

Carriers and Freight Forwarders Are Not Responsible for Your Compliance

The Export Control/Facility Security Office can help you to ensure that your shipments are compliant with export control and sanction program regulations.  However, there are other regulations and issues associated with international shipping that you are responsible for addressing on your own.  The following set of resources are designed to help you help decide how to compliantly ship in support of your projects and other work.

More coming soon.


Click here to view International Shipping forms.

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