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Data Stewardship

Properly Collecting, Protecting, Sharing and Retaining

Johns Hopkins’ Data Management Services Office provides Data Trust Guidelines and support in three primary areas:

Data Management Plan (DMP) Preparation

  • Tracks DMP and Data sharing plan requirements across federal and private funders
  • Helps researchers identify and articulate the most relevant information in a condensed 2-page plan
  • Helps researchers evaluate the data sharing solutions they say they will use in the plan

Data Management Training

  • Develops courses like “Best Practices of Data Management” and “De-identifying Human Subjects Data for Sharing” and other topics
  • Regularly offers training on the Medical and Homewood campuses.
  • Helps researchers and their teams incorporate practices that will make data sharing easier and feasible at the end of the project.

Data Archiving*

  • Offers a data archiving and sharing service here at JHU for those research communities that do not have a logical domain repository for their data.
  • Works with the researcher to organize their collection (usually associated with a publication), describe it, assign a persistent identifier that can be cited and included in follow-up reporting for the sponsor, and make it publicly accessible in the JHU Data Archive.

*This service is not only useful for researchers who have funder data sharing requirements, but also to support increasing requirements that journal publishers are placing on authors to share their data.

Additional information regarding data management with respect to human subjects research can be found here.


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