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June 2020- December 2020: Volume 5

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January 2020- May 2020: Volume 4

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July 2018- December 2019: Volume 3

December 2019

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JHURA Events Calendar | NIH Fundamentals | CRA Review Session | Aspiring CRA Study Group | Brown Bag Seminars | Upcoming Webinars

December 2018

November 2018

NSF Grant Reporting Requirement for Harassment Findings and Actions | Harassment and Discrimination Protections in NIH Training Applications | Photos from Research Administrator Day 2018 | Welcome! New JHURA Team Members | eRA Information: Focused Notifications, Delegation Now Available in HSS | Subawards “View History” Functionality in SWiFT | Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement (rev. Oct. 2018) for FY2019 | NSF New Award Notice | Using the FDP Entity Profile for JHU | Internal Controls: Who’s in Control? NCURA Region II Chatterbox | Civility in Research Administration and other Upcoming Webinars | New Spring 2019 Sessions Added for Coeus 8

October 2018

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar | Coeus 8 | NCURA Region II: Building Blocks of Research Administration Workshop | Power of Metrics in Research Administration | Designing a Meaningful and Helpful Onboarding Program for New Researchers | Financial/Administrative Program Sequence | NCURA Financial Research Compliance Workshop | Hopkins-specific Training on Effort Reporting

More Options for PDF Uploads in’s Proposal Preparation and Submission Site  |  JHURA Department Assignments Update  |  NIH dbGaP Signing Official  |  JHURA Career Opportunities  |  NIH Clarification: Fixed Amount Award Definition and Implementation for Clinical Trials  |  Upcoming Webinars  |  NSF Orientation Video

September 2018

August 2018

RSVP for Research Administrator Day  |  Facilities & Administration (F&A) Agreement: Updated Fringe Rate for FY2019  |  Call for Nominations: Research Administration Training Program  |  JHURA Department Assignments Update  |  Pro Tip: JHURA Agreement Intake Form  |  JHURA Career Opportunities  |  New Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) Template  |  NIH Notice: Extramural Loan Repayment Program  |  Upcoming Webinars on Contracts, Export Controls, and Adapting to Change  |  NCURA Region II 2018 Fall Meeting

July 2018

Subawards System Upgrade: SWiFT is now Live!  |  NCURA Life Cycle of an Award Webinar Series  |  JHURAnews Archive Now Available Online  |  JHURA Career Opportunities  |  NIH applicatino Resubmission Policy  |  Organizational Conflict of Interest Update  |  NCURA Financial Research Compliance Workshop  |  AUTM Eastern Region Meeting  |  MD Governor’s Grants Training Conference

August 2017-June 2018: Volume 2

June 2018

JHTV will process Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for JHSPH  |  Catalyst and Discovery Awards  |  Reducing Federal Administrative and Regulatory Burdens on Research  |  NIH Releases Strategic Plan for Data Science  |  Introducing JHURA’s Workflow Team  |  Viewing Award Status in JAWs  |  Special Approval to Begin Research Sooner with New and Lapsed IRB Protocols  |  JHU Signing Official for NIH dbGaP  |  NIH Notice: Transition to Human Subjects System

May 2018

NSF Terms & Conditions Revised  |   NCURA Blog  |  NRSA Stipends Notice  |  NIH Clarification: PI Status Changes  |  Combating Trafficking in Persons  |  SRAI Annual Meeting  |  Intellectual Property Workshop  |  JHURA on Social Media  |  Pro Tip for Subawards

April 2018

NSF Account Management Update  |  NIH New Salary Caps  | Forms-E: Human Subjects  |  Goldenrod: Zip Codes +4  |  USAID Contract Proposals  |  Twitter #GrantChat  |  Hopkins MyLearning Courses  |  NCURA Annual Meeting  |  New JHURA Personnel  |  Contact Us

October 2017

New Certificate of Confidentiality Guidelines from NIH  |  Subaward Determination Form as an Attachment in the Checklist Request |  Termination Notice in X Train for Federal Awards (BSPH Only) |  Intake Sheet Information |  Receipt of Payment from Sponsors

September 2017

Happy Research Administrator Day!

August 2017

Mexico City Policy: Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance |  NCURA Workshop on NSF Fundamentals |  NSF GRFP Information Session |  Receipt of Payment from Sponsor

May 2016-June 2017: Volume 1

NSF Website Unavailable |  New JHURA Federal Updates Page |  NIH Grant Application Tutorials |  Reminders: New NICRA in Effect July 1, 2017

Change in Post-Submission Material Policy |  Is Your Collaborator a Subrecipient or a Contractor?  |  Reminders: Intake Form; Sub Checklist; Research Administration Basics Workshop

Research Administration Basics Workshop |  New Coeus Questionnaires |  Reminders: RPPR; Proposal Documents Requiring JHURA Review and Signature; Subaward Determination Form as an Attachment in the Checklist Request

IRB/IACUC Protocols |  JAWS Fast-Tracking Process |  Reminders: Subaward Checklist; and JAWS Intake Form

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