proposal type decision guide

Choosing a proposal type can seem straightfoward, until you realize there are subtle differences between them. In addition, JHU definitions sometimes differ from sponsor definitions.

All five JHU Research Administration Offices have worked to ensure proposal types are used in a standard way for reporting purposes. Using a JHU Coeus proposal type does not affect a sponsor or the ultimate success of an application to that sponsor.

Proposal Activite, are categorized below.
Click on what you need to do
to see the correct proposal type.

Routing Documentation?
  • Submit a Progress Report
  • Master Agreement, COI, Protocols, MTA, MoU, LOI, NDA etc.
Master Agreement?
Requesting Next Increment?
Creating a New/Original Record?
  • New Proposal
  • White Paper
  • Respond to a Pre-Application Request
  • Compete for JHU Submission Opportunity
  • Request JHU Funding
Making Changes?
Prior to Award
  • Correct a Application
  • Respond to Sponsor Requests for Changes
  • Rebudgeting Prior to Award
After Award
  • Change PI
  • Add Funding for Current Award
  • Rebudgeting After Award
  • Change End-Date; Request a No-Cost Extension
  • Extend Expired Project: WITH FUNDING
  • Extend Expired Project: WITHOUT FUNDING