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PURA Recipients

     AY 2019-20 PURA Recipients


Recipient  Proposal Title Mentor Division
Ahmed, Kowsar Using FMRI KO Mice as a Model For Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Features of Autism Mollie Meffert SoM
Barata, Daniela Molecular mechanism of oxidative activation of CaMKII Qinchuan Wang SoM
Basile, Dante Simulation Guidance of Ablation Therapy for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Rheeda Ali WSE
Chandra, Vedant Characterizing White Dwarf Stars with Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Nadia Zakamska KSAS
Cheng, Liam Arteriolar Abnormalities in the Progression of Huntington’s Disease Wenzhen Duan SoM
Chernoff, Raphael Improving Synaptic Connection in Retinal Organoid Transplants Robert Johnston KSAS
Choi, Jae Investigating the neural substrates of cost-benefit choice behaviors using an intertemporal discounting paradigm in rats Yifeng Cheng KSAS
Costacurta, Julia Restoring Tactile Feedback in Human-Prosthetic Systems Using Optimal Feedback Control Theory Sri Sarma WSE
Dhungana, Asim Characterization of high sequence-identity, fold-switching proteins by single-molecule force spectroscopy Vincent Hilser KSAS
Forati, Rasa (Rasadokht) Experimental Therapeutics for Depression-like Behavior of the Ankyrin-G Conditional Knockout Mouse Model of Bipolar Disorder Christopher Ross SoM
Guo, Jason Developing a Universal Transient Delivery System for CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Renjun Zhu SoM
Haley, Coleman Word, Words, Worded: Using Neural Networks to Understand How We Learn to Use Words Colin Wilson KSAS
Han, Subin What is the ‘shape’ in shape bias? Chaz Firestone KSAS
Harihar, Vinu (Vanayak) Investigating the Dependence of Local DNA Flexibility on Cas9 Binding TJ Ha SoM
Leo, Kirby Melanin Binding – Cell Penetrating Peptides for Ocular Drug Delivery Laura Ensign-Hodges SoM
Li, Keva Extracellular Fluid Viscosity Enhances Cell Motility and Invasion Yun Chen WSE
Marar, Carolyn Effects of the Tissue Microenvironment on the Spread of Cancer Through Extracellular Vesicles Denis Wirtz WSE
Meah, Tarek Constructing an Eco–Village in the Charm City: Lessons from South London Erica Schoenberger WSE
Metzger, Eden Finstas, Friendships, and Feelings: The longitudinal effects of secondary Instagram accounts on social relationships, self-esteem, and need fulfillment Jeffrey Bowen KSAS
Mischler, Gavin SpikeFRinder: A finite rate of innovation approach to spike inference Benjamin Bejar Haro WSE
Multra, Melody Chemical transformations in sustainable agricultural systems: Investigations using high-resolution mass spectrometry Chris Brueck WSE
Naydanova, Liza (Elizaveta) Objective Intraoperative Evaluation of Motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease Using a Dual System of LEAP Motion Sensors Yousef Salimpour SoM
Patel, Kisha Tumor-Derived Antigen-Presenting Cells as a Novel Immunotherapy Treatment Against Melanoma Jordan Green SoM
Patel, Pavan Are centralized, long-term outpatient mental health care services at higher education institutions more cost-efficient and effective than outsourcing? Kevin Frick CBS
Peng, Luyi Immune Checkpoint Inhibition for Cancer in Fanconi Anemia Patients Bonnie Lau SoM
Petrosky, Evan Evolution of Short-Period Binary Stars Nadia Zakamska KSAS
Pollack, Jakob Sugar Meredith Ward KSAS
Qu, Evan Investigating sRNA-mediated Interactions Between Extremophilic Microorganisms Using a Co-culture Approach Jocelyn DiRuggiero KSAS
Reddy, Pranav Single Molecule Studies of Repeat Associated Non-AUG Translation in Huntington’s Disease Bin Wu SoM
Tabdilli, Yasmine Bispecific antibodies towards “shock and kill” strategies for HIV-1 cure Srona Sengupta SoM
Umesh, Amith; Mangal, Rohan; Mahadevan, Varun A Novel Implementation of Metabolomic Parameters in Linear Programming for the Development of Low-Cost Energy Dense Foods for Severely Malnourished Children in India (Group Project) Keith West BSPH
Wang, Aaron Cholinergic Architecture and Dynamics During the Acquisition of Knowledge in Sensorimotor Learning Kishore Kuchibhotla SoM
Wang, Joyce Assessing the Neuroprotective Effects of Various Small Molecules Against the Apoptosis of Retinal Ganglion Cells Robert Johnston KSAS
Wang, Maggie High Resolution Thickness Maps of the Hippocampus Michael Miller WSE
Xiang, Katherine Camera Obscura Art Installation David Nataf KSAS
Xie, Alice On the role of necroptosis, a form of cell death, in the pathogenesis of autoimmune hypophysitis Mario Caturegli SoM
Yego, Sumera Assessing Barriers to Menstruation Education in Nandi County Kenya Ilil Benjamin KSAS
Zhang, Jiali Object recognition strategies in human visual perception and deep convolutional neural networks Chris Baker NIH, SoM
Zhang, Nicholas Predicting the Biomechanical Properties of 3D-Printed Mid-Facial Bone Scaffolds Warren Grayson SoM
Zhu, Peter “What is a dax?”: 17- to 48-month old infants’ use of disjunctive syllogism in word learning Justin Halberda KSAS


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