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Congratulations to all participants in the Summer CIRCUIT@APL program!

CIRCUIT is the Cohort-based Integrated Research Community for Undergraduate Innovation and Trailblazing. The CIRCUIT program at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research while building skills to make significant contributions to science. Diverging from traditional summer internships, CIRCUIT students participate in a yearlong cohort-based research experience as integral members of APL project teams and participate in unique, hands-on learning in a fun, collaborative environment. More information about the program can be found at

Program Details:

Funding type: individual

Funding amount: $9000 for summer & credit during academic year

Opens for applications: November 20  Apply here

Priority deadline: January 15

Application closes: January 31

Interviews: January 20 – February 12 (tentative)

Decision Notification: on or about March 7

Spring Training: March 15 – May 15

Length of award: 12 weeks over the summer, beginning May 31.

For all program questions please contact:

William Gray Roncal, Ph.D. ( or

Martha Cervantes (

Please review the FAQs below and contact HOUR at with any other questions.

Who is eligible to apply?

All registered Hopkins undergraduates in good academic standing (not on academic probation or suspension) are eligible. CIRCUIT especially encourages applications from undergraduate sophomores and juniors, students from underserved backgrounds (e.g. first generation students, low-income backgrounds), students who are underrepresented in STEM fields, and/or those who may not have previously had an opportunity for a research experience. Students do not need a background in computer science or engineering, however students should be able to demonstrate an interest in science and research in their application.

What is required to apply?

  1. Basic information for the online application [name, JHU email, cell number, anticipated year of graduation, campus and permanent addresses, major(s), GPA and optional demographic information]
  2. Information about your career including your major/s, minors, GPA, degrees to date and planned, and previous research experience.
  3. Program questions related to your ability to participate in CIRCUIT at the Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD
  4. Essay questions (200 – 500 words allowed per question):
    1. Personal Mission/ Diversity Statement
    2. What is one aspect of the world you would like to help influence or change? Why?
    3. What barriers do you face in pursuing your academic and professional goals?
    4. What is the most interesting project you have worked on?
    5. Describe a community service project that you have participated in and your specific involvement.
    6. What is one way you have shown commitment or leadership in a personal, professional, extracurricular or academic pursuit?
    7. How would you balance school commitments with your work for CIRCUIT after the summer program ends?  Please describe your expected workload – be specific (courses and extracurricular activities).
    8. Why are you applying to CIRCUIT?

How is funding distributed?

Students are paid in equal semi-monthly salary (twice each month) from 5/16 through 8/15 (the first check paying on 5/31 and the final check on 8/15. Direct deposit is strongly encouraged for timely receipt of funds.

What can the funding be used for?

Program funding may be used toward living expenses over the summer including rent and food. It can also be used for a new laptop, conference fees, travel, and other discretionary expenses.

Note: the Homewood campus offers limited dorm rooms and a rental sublet list. Contact the housing office for details. Upon request, HOUR is happy to provide a letter assuring the office you are working at the university over the summerYou can also look for housing closer to the APL campus in Laurel, MD for the summer.

Do I need to have a car or find my own transportation to APL (Laurel)?

No, HOUR recommends the cohort of students utilize HopVans through transportation. Designated students can become authorized drivers to transport the cohort to and from APL. HOUR will provide an account number to cover the expense of the HopVan for the length of the program. If you have your own car, you are welcome to utilize it for travel to APL. Onsite parking is free.

How are students selected?

Program PI Will Roncal and his designees complete all reviews of applicants within the application portal. After review, they will schedule interviews with candidates on the Homewood campus or via Zoom..

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    Virtual Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday, 3-4pm Eastern
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