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Undergraduate in-person research is allowed as of February 8, 2021 at the discretion of each individual faculty member based on their research space and requirements. Researchers and students are still encouraged to develop virtual or remote opportunities to limit COVID risks whenever possible.

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If you are looking for a structured research experience or funding, HOUR has compiled an extensive list of programs and internships within the university and beyond. Search using relevant fields for the best opportunities for you.

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If you are looking to work with Hopkins faculty, ForagerOne lets you browse through positions posted by research faculty to find a mentor and opportunity that best fits you. It’s easy to set up your profile and start applying right away.

Apply for HOUR programs

HOUR is proud to offer a number of programs for registered Hopkins undergraduates to help facilitate valuable research experiences. All HOUR programs encourage applications from students from under-served backgrounds, those underrepresented in STEM fields, and those who have no prior research experience.

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The NSF (National Science Foundation) offers an extensive list of Summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) funded at institutions around the U.S. Students applying to NSF REUs must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the U.S. These programs are highly competitive (abt. 8 students per program), so we encourage you to apply to all that interest you.

*All projects involving human subjects (including interviews) MUST be approved by the Homewood Institutional Review Board (HIRB) office prior to starting. Information about HIRB requirements and the approval process can be found here. Contact with any questions and to begin the approval process prior to starting any research. In order for HOUR to release funding for such projects, students must provide an IRB determination letter for our files.
**All projects involving international travel (including a country you are a citizen of) MUST be registered and approved by the Office of Study Abroad prior to traveling. Contact prior to scheduling your trip. For HOUR to release funding for such projects, students must provide an approval letter from the Office of Study Abroad for our files.
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