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Summer PURA Recipients

Summer PURA Cohort 2019
Awardee Year Proposal Title Sponsor Division
Agarwal, Milind 2020 Using computational biology to find genetic causes of severe inflammatory bowel disease in children Janet Markle BSPH
Aytenfisu, Tihitina 2021 Compensating for Arrhythmogenic S1904L Mutation in NaV1.5 Sandra Gabelli SoM
Bowen, Colin 2020 Statistical Characterization of Power Grids Using Electrical Parameters, Network Topology, Spatial Statistics, and Random Graphs Benjamin Hobbs WSE
Chatterjee, Devina 2021 CORE320 Validation of Quantification of Perivascular Inflammation using Computed Tomography Angiography Imaging Armin Zadeh SoM
Chen, Isaac (Hsuan-Wei) 2020 Learning Through Imitation: Different Routes to Performance in Autism and Peers Joshua Ewen SoM; KKI
Choi, Janice 2021 Studying the co-transcriptional assembly of Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complex in real-time Ikenna Okafor and Taekjip (TJ) Ha KSAS; SoM
Choi, Jun 2020 The Early Long Duration of Midazolam Sedation Causes Behavioral Deficits and Synaptic Morphology Changes in the Mouse Model Cyrus  Mintz SoM
Chu, Tiffany 2020 Development of a high-throughput cancer cell invasion assay for cancer drug discovery. Pei-Hsun We WSE
Daubon, Monica 2020 Hippocampal Place Cell Activity in Echolocating Bats KirstenBohn KSAS
Domalewski, Christopher 2020 Locally Treating Lung Cancer with Supramolecular Drug Amphiphiles via Aerosol Honggang Cui WSE
Fang, Jerry (Jianing) 2021 Understanding the Mechanism of Wetland Degradation on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau and Its Implications for Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis) Conservation Benjamin Zaitchik KSAS
Franco, Emily 2020 Dwelling on the Negative with Friends: Psychometric Properties of a New Scale on Co-Rumination Beliefs Alison Papadakis KSAS
Greene, Justin 2021 Characterizing Growth Heterogeneity in Isogenic Yersinia pseudotuberculosis microcolonies Kim Davis BSPH
Grifno, Gabrielle 2020 3D in vitro model of the perivascular niche during glioblastoma treatment Peter Searson WSE
Ju, Suyeon 2021 Investigating the correlation in APD readings and fidelity between electrophysiology (EP) catheters and monphasic action potential (MAP) catheters Natalia Trayanova WSE
Krachman, Joshua 2021 Determining Which Ion Channels Mediate Vascular Photorelaxation Lakshmi Santhanam SoM
KurtzFreilich, Emma 2021 The Feasibility of a Common Currency for ECOWAS: an Econometric and Comparative Analysis Olivier Jeanne KSAS
Lan, Michael 2021 Design of a Peripheral Nerve Wrap from Electrospun Polycaprolactone Nanofibers and Decellularized Amnion Hai-Quan Mao WSE
Lee, Vickie (Sehyun) 2020 Investigation of neurological deterioration of Parkinson’s disease in parallel with circadian rhythm disruption SungUng Kang SoM
Men, Silu 2021 Using Functional Connectivity to Understand the Relationship between Value-Driven Attention Capture and Electroencephalography Data Sridevi Sarma WSE
Parmar, Sehej-Leen 2020 Studying the Novel Role of Cdx2-mediated Differentiation in Oncogenic Senescence Induction Hariharan Easwaran Som
Perez, Marcos 2020 Wind-Tunnel Testing and Analysis of Flow-induced Deformation and Flutter in Trees Rajat Mittal WSE
Streeter, Stone 2021 Prevention of Opiate Mediated Respiratory Suppression (ORS) in Obese Patients Seva Polotsky SoM
Suresh , Akanksha 2021 Investigating neuronal pentraxin 2 in age-related cognitive impairment Rebecca Haberman KSAS
Tang, Serena 2020 Multidimensional Analysis of Human Health and Performance in Long-Duration Spaceflight Mark Shelhamer SoM
Trautmann-Rodriguez, Michael 2021 The Role of Extracellular Matrix-induced TFF1 in Breast Cancer. Daniele Gilkes SoM
Wang, Matthew 2021 No Motion Index: A Novel Metric as a Predictive Measure of Patient Outcome in Critically Ill Neurological Patients Pawel Kudela SoM
Whilden, Courtney 2020 Dissecting Circuits to Understand the Role of Cortical Layer 6 in Sensory Perception Solange Brown SoM
Zheng, Audrey (Jixin) 2022 Investigating the effects on decoding electrocorticographic signals from gravity-dependent torque during sequential reaching in a 3D virtual workspace Daniel Cadrea SoM
Zhu, Angela 2021 Engineering Bispecific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy Jamie Spangler WSE

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