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PURA Recipients

AY 2018-19 PURA Awardees
Awardee Proposal Title Mentor Division
Aheimer, Brianna Learning About Color in the Absence of Vision: A Training Study with Blind Individuals Marina Bedney KSAS
Aspinwall, Christina Determining Solvent Quality’s Effect on Polymer Brush Density Michael Bevan WSE
Befikadu, Woudese The Ethiopian Developmental State: Understanding Current Land Tenure Practices Robbie Shilliam KSAS
Bhattacharyay, Shubhayu A Feature-Based Approach to Quantify Motor Activity in Critically Ill Neurological Patients Using an Unobtrusive Wearable Sensor Matrix Robert Stevens SOM
Chen, Anna Manipulating the mTOR Pathway to Improve T-cell Function in Cancer Immunotherapy Jonathan Schneck SOM
Chen, Theresa Integrating Protein Mediators to Develop Enhanced Acellular sTEVGs for Vascularization in Mice Sharon Gerecht WSE
Cho, Justin Using Local Google Search Trends to Predict Violent Crime in Baltimore: An Interdisciplinary Approach Rebecca Fix BSPH
Cohn, Elizabeth Energy-Based Control for Low Inertia Power Systems Enrique Mallarda Garcia WSE
Ferguson, Rafael The Setbacks of Sunscreen: Toxicity investigation of transformation products from UV exposure and oxidation of benzophenone UV-filters Carsten Prasse WSE
Gao, Tina Engineering a Novel Material for Plasmonic Photocatalytic Systems Susanna Thon WSE
Gilligan-Steinberg, Shane Analyzing and Quantifying Mosaic VSG Formation in Trypanosoma brucei Monica Mugnier BSPH
Gopal, Preethi; Patel, Milan; & Singh, Shikha Project Healthy Schools – Sri Lanka: Examining the International and Cross-Cultural Impact of a Diabetes Prevention Program (Group Project) Gilbert Burnham BSPH
Goyal, Archita Identifying Neural Networks Activated by Contextual Fear Memory in Mecp2+/- Mice Constance Smith-Hicks SOM
Grusby, Rebecca Improving Hemocompatibility and Anti-Biofouling of 3D-Printed Cardiovascular Conduits Through Surface Modifications Sung Hoon Kang WSE
Grzyb, Chloe Neurofilaments as biomarkers of disease activity in spinal muscular atrophy Charlotte Sumner SOM
Hammonds, Maya SNPC-4 and SIM-6 are required for male-specific piRNA expression in C. elegans Rebecca Tay KSAS
Hartner, Anna-Maria Efficacy of Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors for Public Health Fieldwork in Uganda Darryn Waugh KSAS
He, Jiaqi Implications of Agricultural Land Transfer on Social Equities in Rural China Joel Andreas KSAS
Hebson, Atticus Bringing the Music of Laurence Crane to Baltimore Oscar Bettison PEA
Hernandez, Nicole Investigating the effect of vaginal gel formulation on cervicovaginal mucus barrier properties Laura Ensign-Hodges SOM
Jacob, Lauren Wind-Tunnel Testing and Analysis of Flow-Induced Flutter in Permeable Membranes Rajat Mittal WSE
Klein, John Research on John Keats’ Shifting Aesthetics & Influences Jared Hickman KSAS
Lai, Mofan Is Performing Different From Playing? Susan Weiss PEA
Li, Lisa Modeling Underlying Forms in Natural Languages Jason Eisner WSE
Liang, Annie Parameters influencing arrhythmia inducibility in the post myocardial infarcted (MI) heart arising from treatment with PSC-CM cell sheets Natalia Trayanova WSE
Liu, Sarah Translation and Philology: An Examination of François Cheng Christopher Cannon KSAS
Luo, Nancy Disruption of Sleep-dependent Excitation-Inhibition Balance Regulation in Autism Mouse Models Alfredo Kirkwood SOM
Mai, Melissa Stochastic Hydrodynamic Modeling of Membrane Protrusions Brian Camley KSAS
Nagpal, Anisha Barriers to Implementation for School-based Sexual Health Interventions in Baltimore City Beth Marshall BSPH
Navarro, Dante Using Wearable Technology to Measure Change in Functional Capacity Following Interventional Pain Procedure Peter Searson WSE
Nguyen, Melody Identifying in vivo modifiers of nemaline myopathy causing actin mutations Anthony Cammarato SOM
Nnadi, Chidinma Probing the Effect of Sequence Variations on Vectorial Folding of the Oryza sativa Twister Ribozyme Sarah Woodson KSAS
Pandey, Shivani Development of an optogenetic system for point-pacing cardiomyocytes in vitro Geran Kostecki SOM
Prabhakar, Ramya Leaving the Past Behind: An Examination of Identity Shifts Over Time for Palestinian Refugees in Amman Matthew Kocher SAIS
Pradeep, Aishwarya The Role of Low Threshold Mechanoreceptors in Peripheral Nerve Injury Michael Caterina SOM
Roura, Raul HEARS: Adapting a community health worker approach to basic hearing care for low-income older adults in the Baltimore Hispanic Community Carrie Nieman SOM
Singireddy, Shreya The functional interplay between ALG-1 and ALG-2 Argonaute proteins during development. John Kim KSAS
Siu, Catherine Resolving Host-Pathogen Interactions During Attaching/Effacing Pathogen Infections By in vivo Dual RNA-Sequencing Fengyi Wan BSPH
Susarla, Gayatri Design of a Microcontroller-Based High-Speed In Vivo Neuroimaging System Arvind Pathak SOM
Tritsch, Michael Material Culture Investigation in the Precinct of the Temple of Mut: Analysis of the Contexts of Painted Mud Brick and the Possible Connection to Domestic Worship during the Eighteenth Dynasty Betsy Bryan KSAS
Wang, Ronald Engineering a Novel Model for Huntington’s Disease to Develop a Drug Screening Assay Screening Platform Christopher Ross SOM
Webb, Lucy Constraining the provenance of shale across the Ediacaran–Cambrian boundary in southwestern North America to test links between biotic and tectonic changes Emmy Smith KSAS
Yu, Jeanna Combating HIV Through Non-Classical Peptide Presentation Scheherazade Sadegh-Nasseri SOM
Yu, Kevin Regeneration of Leydig Cells after Injury in Mice Erika Matunis SOM
Zhang, Bill Monocytes as Cellular Immunotherapy for Allergic Asthma Nicola Heller SOM
Zheng, Alice A Novel Approach to Sequencing of Immune Receptor Repertoires Janelle Montagne SOM
Zhou, Zhenglong Becoming an expert counter-adversary Chaz Firestone KSAS
Zhu, Evonne JHU Computer Animation: Bridging the Gap Between Computer Science and Art Misha Kazhdan WSE


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