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HOUR Award Program FAQs

  • General Questions

    Am I eligible to apply?

    • All JHU undergraduates (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior not graduating before May of the academic year of the application) in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Peabody Institute, and the Whiting School of Engineering are eligible.
    • HOUR summer programs are NOT available to students to the summer immediately after completing their undergraduate degree (post-bac students).

    Does my mentor have to be in my major?

    • No, your mentor may be any JHU faculty member, post-doc, graduate student or staff member in any JHU division, center or institute (including the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Lieber Institute at the School of Medicine) mentoring you for your project.

    Can I receive academic credit for my project?

    • HOUR does NOT offer an academic credit option for any of our programs.
    • Academic credit for research must be arranged through your academic or faculty advisor in accordance with the requirements of your major.
    • Please contact your academic or faculty advisor to discuss “research for credit” or “independent research credit” options.

    Can I apply for HOUR funding programs more than once?

    • Yes, you are encouraged to continue to apply to our programs throughout your undergraduate career at Hopkins.
    • In the case of “tied” review scores in an individual award cycle, preference will be given to the students that have not previously been funded through HOUR programs.

    What kind of projects are accepted?

    • Performance, composition, film and media studies, design, entrepreneurial, and other non-traditional proposals are strongly encouraged and reviewed just as enthusiastically as traditional “research” submissions.

    Do I have to present my project at DREAMS or another HOUR sponsored presentation event?

    • Yes, all funding recipients are expected to present their project at the annual DREAMS event a Student Seminar Series event or other HOUR sponsored event.
    • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of HOUR.

    If I receive summer funding, do I have to present at Hopkins CARES and DREAMS?

    • All summer program participants are expected to present at Hopkins CARES event held at the end of July on the medical campus. If you are unable to present (traveling or research not ready), you will be required to present at the next DREAMS event.
    • All summer students are encouraged to present at BOTH events, whether presenting on the same project or on new research. Presenting at these and similar events provides you with the opportunity to improve presentation skills and network with other researchers both inside and outside the Hopkins community.
  • Preparing & Applying

    When can I apply for HOUR programs?

    How do I apply?

    • All applications are accepted via our online application system during noted open periods.
    • Login uses JHU SSO (single sign on system) so you must use your Hopkins email address and password to access.

    What materials do I need to apply?

    • Basic information for the online application [name, JHU email, cell number, anticipated year of graduation, campus and permanent addresses, major(s), GPA and optional demographic information]
    • For PURA and Summer PURA
      • Proposal (see guidelines on our resource page)
      • The SM Apply system will visually crop your title. Please note reviewers and administrators will still be able to see the complete title.
      • Mentor information – name and Hopkins email address (again, uses the SSO system)
    • For the BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program
      • Personal Statement –
        • This statement should highlight your strengths and interests as well as any relevant experience (if available).
        • Personal statements should not exceed 500 words or 1 page, single spaced, using Arial or Helvetica font with ½ inch margins (minimum).
        • You may select up to 4 BDP faculty projects that interest you. You have the option to upload a single personal statement for all 4 faculty members or 4 unique letters.
        • If choosing to upload multiple letters, please save them in the following format: “your last name_first name – faculty last name” (example: jones_mary – chute.pdf)
      • Your current resume or CV

    What does my mentor need to do so I can apply?

    • Upon your completion of the mentor request prompt in the system, an email will go directly to your designated mentor. Note – You cannot complete your submission until your mentor completes their portion. Make your request ASAP. Let your mentor know to look for the request as it may go in their spam folder.
    • The mentor will need to provide their name and title and upload their letter of support/ recommendation.
    • If you have more than one mentor, please contact to make arrangements to have multiple letters applied to your submission.
    • Letters should be about 1 page maximum and include:
      • How long they have known the student and how they connected,
      • Their general assessment of the feasibility of the project for an undergraduate student and whether it can be completed in a year (length of the award period),
      • Their agreement to provide guidance and mentorship to the student throughout the project.
    • The mentor should be the person at Hopkins working most closely with the student as they know the student and their abilities better than anyone and will be providing the day-to-day support should there be any questions. Letters from a faculty member, staff, post-doc, or graduate student hold the same weight in review if written strongly.
  • Review & Selection

    Who reviews the PURA and Summer PURA submissions?

    • Selected faculty and post-doctoral fellows with relevant subject matter expertise for each proposal will be selected to impartially complete reviews. Any reviewer notifying us of a conflict of interest will be excused from reviewing that submission and another reviewer will be assigned.
    • All submissions are reviewed by two reviewers and encouraged to provide constructive feedback to help the student strengthen their skills.
    • Upon completion of all reviews, the HOUR staff will review rankings and make all final award selections.

    Who reviews the BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program applications?

    • Each Bloomberg Distinguished Professor (BDP) will receive the application package for those students selecting them. They will then review the applicants, including in their labs, research groups or collaborators as they deem appropriate to aid in their selections. Each BDP will have their own selection criteria based on their project requirements. BDP Faculty reserve the right to decline all applicants for their project should candidates not meet their needs.
    • Should a student select more than one faculty (students are allowed to select their top 4 BDP faculty), each faculty member will receive the application package as well as notification the student selected other BDP faculty of interest. The faculty may discuss these students prior to selection to assure the best program fit.

    What are reviewers looking for in a PURA and Summer PURA proposal?

    • Reviewers primarily focus on the overall quality, creativity and innovation, and feasibility of the submission.
    • Reviewers are provided the Proposal Guidelines as reference.
    • We strongly recommend you have someone proofread your proposal prior to submitting.
    • HOUR is happy to review and offer feedback prior to submission. Send review requests to

    Can I get feedback on my PURA or Summer PURA proposal if I am not selected?

    • Yes, we make every effort to collect constructive feedback from our reviewers to share with students upon request.
    • Feedback is available to all students, whether awarded or declined.
    • Occasionally, a reviewer may decline to leave feedback.

    How are recipients notified?

    • All applicants are notified via email of their submission status (awarded or declined).
    • Mentors of those awarded are cc’d during notification.
    • Award announcements will posted to our website and promoted via our social media outlets soon after the emails are sent.
  • Funding Details

    How do I receive my funding?

    • If you want the funding transferred directly to your account, you will be hired by HOUR.
      • Recipients will need to complete a brief form and visit the student employment office to verify their I-9 after receiving a “confirmation of employment” form from HOUR.
      • Recipients will receive an email from HOUR with details.
      • HOUR will not directly pay leasing agents or similar for housing/ rent.
    • If you want to have the funding available for use via internal university purchasing, HOUR will provide an account number to your mentor’s department for any project supply purchases required for your research project.
      • Recipients or departmental contacts should reach out to HOUR for guidance and be prepared to supply justification and receipts.

    How long do I have to use my funding?

    • Academic Year funding recipients have until the end of the academic year of the award to receive their funding.
    • Summer program recipients will receive their funding as a salary in semi-monthly increments (on the 15th and last day of each month) unless otherwise requested for project supply purchases.
      •  Summer funding paid directly to the recipient is taxable. Be sure to set up your W-4 accordingly and contact the JHU Tax office with any questions.
    • All students are strongly encouraged to set up direct deposit at time of hire to allow smoother transfer of funds. This prevents any delays in receiving funding.

    What expenses does my funding cover?

    • Funding may be used to pay for:
      • Project supplies and related expenses,
      • Computers and software,
      • Travel (project and/ or conference expenses),
      • Professional memberships,
      • Presentation expenses,
      • Living expenses (including food and rent),
      • Contact HOUR for clarification if unsure of expense eligibility.


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