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Internal Programs & Opportunities

Offered by HOUR and across Hopkins

Internal Opportunities

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Summer PURA: 2/28/19
  • BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program: 2/28/19
  • CIRCUIT: 1/16/19 priority deadline, rolling applications thereafter
  • KSAS Undergraduate Awards now open for registration


Johns Hopkins has many funding and research opportunities available for our undergraduate students. Below is a comprehensive listing of opportunities available through HOUR as well as other divisions, departments, centers, institutes, and programs across the university. Use the table of contents on the right to navigate sections or scroll to see all the opportunities.

HOUR Programs

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PURA is a research award program offering a $3000 stipend to help offset expenses related to working on a research, creative, or scholarly project during the academic year.

Summer PURA

Summer PURA is a research award program offering a $4000 stipend to help offset expenses related to working on a research, creative, or scholarly project at JHU for 10 weeks over the summer.


BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program is a research award program offering a $4000 stipend to help offset expenses related to working with one of our world renowned Bloomberg Distinguished Professors on a project of their choosing for ten weeks over the summer.


CIRCUIT offers a $6000 stipend for the summer program and $2000 stipend per semester plus research credit (as allowed) for the academic year following. Engage in a multidisciplinary look into cutting edge research projects such as Artificial Intelligence, Precision Medicine, Connectomics, and Bio-Inspired Robotics. This program takes place at the JHU Applied Physics Lab (APL) in Laurel, MD. We strongly encourage applications from trailblazing students who have had limited opportunities to explore research careers.

JHU Academic Year Opportunities

Please check each program listed below for eligibility and deadline dates. HOUR does not administer these programs, so you must reach out to each program contact with questions. Good luck!

  • Abell Award in Urban Policy

    The Abell Award in Urban Policy is given annually to the students who author the most compelling papers on a policy problem facing the City of Baltimore and feasible solutions. This award is open to any JHU student, as well as students from other area institutions. The Selection Committee decides on the allocation of the $5,000 award.

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  • Aitchison Public Service Fellowship in Government

    This residential program gives Hopkins juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn 15 credits while making connections and gaining real-world experience as they spend a full semester in Washington, D.C. A stipend is provided to help offset living expenses. Deadline to apply it March 17.

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  • Albstein Research Scholarship

    The Albstein Research Scholarship is open to Johns Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students pursuing intensive research in brain science. We are accepting funding applications of up to $5000 for a single year of research funding, to be spent before the end of spring semester 2019. Special consideration will be given to projects relating to Alzheimer’s research.

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  • Alexander Grass Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellows Program

    Undergraduates have the opportunity to apply for a semester-long research fellowship with AGHI. Those selected will be supported financially for a semester during which they will produce an independent, faculty-mentored research or creative project. Participating departments include all humanities departments, the Anthropology Program, the Political Theory track of Political Science, and affiliated centers and programs.

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  • Anthony J.R. Russell-Wood Undergraduate Award (Portuguese Language Program only)

    Any student enrolled in the Portuguese Language Program, who has an intermediate language level of competence or above, in the fields of: Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Business, Public Health, or German Languages and Literatures is eligible to apply for Russell-Wood Award. This award provides a $2000 travel allowance to create your own study or research program in Brazil. Deadlines to apply are March 10, 2017 (spring) and September 29, 2017 (fall).

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  • Aronson International Experience Grants (AIEG) (International Studies only)

    The Aronson International Experience Grants are designed to make educational opportunities abroad more accessible to International Studies students. The AIEG offers students up to $2,500* to cover travel costs associated with independent research projects (*students in this category may request up to $4,500), intersession and summer courses abroad, international conferences, unpaid internships abroad, and study abroad opportunities. The deadline to apply for intersession and spring projects is November 15; for summer and fall projects is April 1.

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  • Arts Innovation Grants

    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is sponsoring Arts Innovation Grants to support artistic innovation at Johns Hopkins. Arts Innovation projects are intended to spark creativity, encourage interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, and extend the reach of the arts and humanities programs at Johns Hopkins to the greater Baltimore community. Eligible Areas: Film, Theater, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Digital Media, Museums and Exhibitions, Media Studies. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 23, 2018.

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  • Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Research Stipend

    Undergraduate students who are doing original research projects, engaging in study abroad, or developing other special projects related to art of the ancient Americas are eligible for this special grant program. The program will enable students to realize current or proposed overseas projects and to encourage new projects in art history, film, history, and writing. The Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Foundation will award research stipends to successful undergraduate students who wish to pursue independent research or an internship directly related to study of art of the ancient Americas.

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  • Brown Family Travel Fund (International Studies seniors and rising seniors only) (Academic Year & Summer Opportunities)

    The Brown Family Travel Fund is for travel-related expenses and awarded based on submitted proposals for projects (research projects, international conferences, etc.) that students wish to complete during their senior year or the summer preceding it. The deadline to apply for intersession and spring projects is November 30; for summer and fall projects is May 31.

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  • Center for Educational Resources Technology Fellowship Grant Program

    The Technology Fellows Program is a mini-grant ($5,000 – $4000 to the student and $1000 to the faculty member) initiative that enables faculty to partner with technology savvy students to develop resources that enhance pedagogy, increase or facilitate access to course content, encourage active learning, promote critical thinking, or support student collaboration.

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  • Charles S. Singleton Center Undergraduate Research Awards for the Study of Premodern Europe

    Fellowships are available to support undergraduate research projects involving any aspect of premodern Europe. Premodern is understood to refer to the period between Classical Antiquity and the end of the 18th century. Topics may fall within the disciplines of History, History of Science and Technology, History of Medicine, History of Art, German and Romance Languages and Literature, English, Philosophy, or Classics.

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  • CLE Study Abroad Scholarship

    The Center for Language Education (CLE) Study Abroad Scholarship program is available to students studying a language offered in CLE overseas during the academic year (fall, spring, and summer). A minimum of $1,000 will be awarded to individuals excelling in acquisition of the target language and demonstrating outstanding potential to maximize their language skills by studying abroad.

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  • Community Impact Internship Program (CIIP)

    Administered through the JHU Center for Social Concern, CIIP is an extremely competitive, paid internship where students receive a salary of $4000. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors of all majors are encouraged to apply for the 50 spots at approximately 40-50 different community organizations in Baltimore, totaling approximately 14,000 hours of community work. Deadline to apply is December 22.

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  • Conference Grants in East Asian Studies

    Students who will participate in a conference related to East Asian studies may apply for grants to cover conference expenses up to $600. Papers will be given preference over posters, and single-authored over co-authored presentations. Application deadlines are October 15 for fall and March 31  for spring.

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  • Danielle Alyse Basford Writing Prize (Writing Seminars seniors only)

    In honor of the late Danielle Basford, a 2012 graduate of the program, Writing Seminars senior majors are invited to submit a short story (no excerpts, please) for the $1000 Danielle Alyse Basford Writing Prize. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 28, 2018.

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  • David S. Olton Research Award

    The David S. Olton Award is given annually to support undergraduate research in the area of the biology of behavior, broadly defined. The award is $2,500 and is designed to help students complete a project of their own that they might not otherwise be able to carry out due to financial limitations. Deadline to apply is 4pm on October 27.

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  • Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award (DURA) (KSAS only)

    The Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award (DURA) program is designed to promote independent research projects for undergraduate students. These awards, which range from $500 to $4500, will enable KSAS undergraduates to pursue original research, work closely with a Hopkins faculty mentor, and advance knowledge for the world. The deadline to apply is February 23.

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  • Digital Da Vinci Award (KSAS & WSE)

    This annual award, presented by the Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center (DMC) is available to any full-time student enrolled in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering as well as student clubs and organizations based on the Homewood campus. Projects should include artistic and technology components as well as a method of engaging an audience or community. A budget is also required. Applications are due no later than November 27.

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  • East Asian Studies Conference Grants

    Undergraduate students who will participate in a conference related to East Asian studies to apply for financial support. Students may apply for grants to cover conference expenses up to $600. Papers will be given preference over posters, and single-authored over co-authored presentations. Deadlines to apply are October 15 and March 31.

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  • East Asian Studies Research/ Training Grants

    Undergraduate students who will conduct research or receive training (special workshops) related to East Asian studies are welcome to submit proposals. These grants are not intended to fund study abroad or language training alone, although applicants may include language classes as part of a research/training proposal. The grant for international research is up to $1,800 and for domestic research is up to $600. Deadlines to apply are October 15 and March 31.

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  • Ete Z. Szuts Undergraduate Research Travel Award (Biophysics only)

    This award, named in honor of a PhD graduate student from Biophysics, will provide funds for up to 80% of the transportation costs of undergraduate research students in biophysics to attend a scholarly meeting. A member of the Biophysics Department faculty who will be at the same meeting must sponsor recipients.

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  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships (KSAS only)

    FLAS fellowships assist students in acquiring competence in foreign languages as well as a fuller understanding of the regions and countries in which those languages are commonly used. The International Studies Program is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to award FLAS fellowships to eligible students studying the following languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Yiddish. These fellowships offer $5,000 of tuition coverage and up to $2,500 in travel funding per award.

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  • Global Health Equity Scholars Program

    The team at the Alliance for a Healthier World is seeking a diverse mix of student scholars to assist with their innovative multidisciplinary approach to tackling global health equity issues. Each year, approximately 8-10 scholars will be hired as paid research assistants for one academic year. Scholars will be expected to commit an average of 10-12 hours each week to the program.

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  • Goodyear Award (Public Health Studies only)

    The annual James D. Goodyear Public Health Service in Baltimore Award was begun in 2016 and named for the former associate director of Public Health Studies. This award provides a stipend of $3,000 to one Public Health Studies undergraduate student per year, allowing the student to complete an otherwise unpaid public health service internship based in Baltimore City.

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  • Hull Family Study Abroad Fund

    The Hull Family Study Abroad Fund was created with the purpose of providing Johns Hopkins undergraduates with the opportunity to study abroad in Bologna, Italy. Applications are reviewed and evaluated on a rolling deadline basis. This funding provides up to $8,000 per semester for travel, enrollment, and related expenses.

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  • Meg Walsh Award (KSAS graduating seniors only)

    The Second Decade Society/Florence “Meg” Long Walsh Leadership Award provides a KSAS graduating senior with $32,000 to undertake an independent project of their own unique design involving international travel. Projects may be in any area, including public service, creative or artistic, research—whatever the applicant desires. The project may not, however, include extended study at a foreign university. Deadline to apply is December 1.

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  • Political Science Undergraduate Research Award (PSURA)

    The PSURA program is open to all Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students to apply for original research projects on the theme of “Pluralism.” Awards are up to $3000. Deadline to apply is October 31.

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  • Psychological & Brain Sciences Undergraduate Travel Grant Awards

    Travel grants are available to undergraduate students who are majors and minors in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Students who are an author on a conference poster or paper presentation are eligible to apply for the travel grant of up to $800. Deadlines are the1st Friday of June (summer), the 2nd Friday of September (Fall), and the 1st Friday of February (Spring).

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  • Research/Training Grants in East Asian Studies

    Students who will conduct research or receive training (special workshops) related to East Asian studies are welcome to submit proposals. These grants are not intended to fund study abroad or language training alone, although applicants may include language classes as part of a research/training proposal. The grant for international research is up to $1,800and for domestic research is up to $600. Deadlines are October 15 and March 31.

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  • Special Collections Freshman Fellows

    Freshman Fellows is an academic opportunity designed to introduce students to conducting research with rare books, manuscripts, and archival material. Fellows will work with Special Collections staff, who will serve as mentors and provide one-on-one research guidance. The program culminates in the creation of an end product of the students’ choosing that focuses on their research. Each fellow will receive a $1,000 stipend.

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  • Student Initiatives Fund (WSE only)

    The Student Initiatives Fund, established and funded by Hopkins engineering alumni and friends of the Whiting School, is designed to reward innovation and increase opportunities for students. The fund allows engineering undergraduates to apply the skills they’ve honed in classrooms and labs and while also using their creativity and problem-solving abilities to pursue new areas of interest.

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  • Student Research Assistant at CLF (The Center for a Livable Future)

    Throughout each academic year, the CLF provides opportunities for a limited number of undergraduate (and graduate) students to work with faculty and staff as a student research assistant (SRA). Current positions can be found a their website.

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  • The John Koren Award

    The John Koren Award for Holocaust Research and Education is granted annually to an undergraduate student researching the Holocaust. Funding of up to $2500 is available. The deadline to apply is February 15.

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  • The Johns Hopkins University Albright Institute Undergraduate Archaeological Fellowship

    This fellowship provides funding for a JHU undergraduate student to participate in an Albright Institute archaeological field school in Israel as well as a one-month internship at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. Applicants must participate in the fellowship before their graduation date. The award will cover full participant costs (incl. room and board) during the excavation, room and board at the Albright Institute for one month, and airfare and a stipend. Deadline to apply is December 10.

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  • The Ralph S. O’Connor Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Fund

    The O’Connor Fund supports Johns Hopkins students aiming to solve major challenges through entrepreneurship. Students are awarded up $10,000 as a grant, mentorship from investors and serial entrepreneurs, and additional resources from FastForward U and Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

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  • The Stulman Award

    The Stulman Award is granted on a competitive basis to JHU undergraduate students proposing a worthy plan of study or research in Jewish Studies that requires material support. Funding of up to $2500 is available. The deadline to apply is February 15.

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  • Urban Health Institute Small Grants Program

    The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute (UHI) Small Grants Program was formed to stimulate and advance community-university collaborations around research and program development. Grants are awarded to partnerships that most successfully demonstrate the potential for advancing the health and well-being of the residents of Baltimore. Students are required to partner with a community agency or community leader. Undergraduates can earn up to $3000.

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  • Vredenburg Travel Fund (WSE only)

    The Vredenburg Scholarship allows outstanding engineering undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins the opportunity to apply their engineering, technology, and applied science skills and training in an international setting. The Scholarship encourages students to broaden their engineering experience by giving them the chance to participate in international experiential activities through collaboration, investigation, and application. Projects will be funded to a maximum of $8,000; the typical range of a Vredenburg Scholarship is between $5,500 and $6,500 depending on the location.

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  • WGS Research Grants (Academic Year & Summer Opportunities)

    The Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS) offers summer and winter-term research grants of up to $1,000 for qualified undergraduate students. Students who receive summer funding are required to take part in a daylong workshop held during the spring semester following the period of support. Participation involves presenting a paper for public review at the workshop.

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  • William F. Clinger Jr. Award (KSAS only)

    The Franklin Center for Global Exchange has made $10,000 in support of undergraduate international research. Funds will be awarded to one or divided among 2 – 4 successful applicants pursuing an independent international research project (seniors not eligible). The deadline to apply is February 23.

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  • Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (KSAS only)

    The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program provides funding and support to a select group of first-year KSAS undergraduates enabling them to pursue unique research opportunities that exceed what is typically available to undergraduates. Working closely with Hopkins faculty members, these students pursue their own research throughout the course of their undergraduate experience. Woodrow Wilson Program Scholars receive up to $10,000 over their 4 years at JHU. The deadline to apply is February 23.

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JHU Summer Opportunities

Please check each program listed below for eligibility and deadline dates. HOUR does not administer these programs, so you must reach out to each program contact with questions. Good luck!

  • Bander Family Fund (KSAS only)

    The Bander Family Fund award is intended to encourage students to think creatively in defining work that can only be done outside of the classroom. The Bander Fund will award $4,000 to one or two successful KSAS undergraduate students who wish to pursue such an independent project over the summer. The work may be independent research, a creative venture, or an internship directly related to a field of study. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 23, 2018.

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  • CBI Program at JHU for Summer Research

    Students who are members of groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in science with an interest in carrying out research at the Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) will spend 10 weeks at JHU in the laboratory of a CBI faculty member. Participants will receive room and board, travel assistance, and a $3,000 stipend. The deadline to apply is February 1.

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  • Diversity Summer Internship Program for Undergraduates (DSIP)

    The Diversity Summer Internship Program (DSIP) at the Bloomberg School of Public Health is a 10-week summer program that provides undergraduates with a graduate-level, independent research project in the biomedical or public health field. Students work under the direct mentoring of accomplished Johns Hopkins researchers, gaining valuable experience in a collaborative, challenging and fun environment. Deadline to apply is February 1.

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  • Hugh Hawkins Research Fellowships for the Study of Hopkins History

    Hugh Hawkins Research Fellowships are awarded annually to undergraduate or graduate students from any school at Johns Hopkins who wish to conduct research into an aspect of the rich history of Johns Hopkins University. Fellowship recipients are notified in the spring and conduct their research over the summer. A fellowship award of $3500 is given to each recipient.

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  • International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

    The IRES program, run through INBT (the Institute for NanoBioTechnology), provides support for students to work with researchers at the Inter-University Mircro Electronics Centre (IMEC) in Leuven, Belgium. An informational session about the program is held every semester in the fall. Deadline to apply is January 15.

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  • Islamic Studies Summer Research Grants

    Undergraduate students proposing to conduct research related to Islamic studies during the summer are invited to submit proposals for grants up to $500.

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  • Max Kade Summer Travel Grant

    The German Program, with the support of the Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought, is pleased to announce travel grants to support summer study abroad in Germany. Prior knowledge of German is not required to apply for the grant and students from across the university are encouraged to apply. Deadline to apply is April 3.

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  • RISE@APL: Research Internships in Science and Engineering

    RISE@APL is open to highly qualified undergraduate (and graduate students) from the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. This program gives students the opportunity to conduct research at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, working on APL-sponsored projects. Deadline to apply is December 31.

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  • Second Decade Society Internship Grants (KSAS only)

    These Summer Internship Grants are available to students who take summer unpaid or non-profit sponsored internships (8 week minimum). Grant funding is specifically intended to support living and travel expenses incurred by participation in the internship up to $3000 – $5000. Deadline to apply through Handshake is March 9.

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  • Special Collections Summer DURA

    Students interested in a summer fellowship that focuses on primary source materials in the rare book, manuscript, and archival collections at JHU should think about this program funded by the Sheridan Libraries and open to any undergraduate from KSAS, Peabody or WSE (excluding graduating seniors). Students live in Baltimore for the summer months, and use the Libraries’ special collections for intensive research. Awards range from $1,250 (4 weeks) up to $3,750 (12 weeks).

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  • Summer Internship Program (SIP) at the School of Medicine

    SIP provides experience in research laboratories to any undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minority students, students from economically disadvantaged and underserved backgrounds and students with disabilities that have completed one – two or more years of college.  The purpose of this exposure to biomedical and/or public health research is to encourage students to consider careers in science, medicine and public health.  The program runs ten weeks with a minimum stipend of $3,000 and housing is provided.

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  • Summer Research Expeditions (SRE) in Computational Sciences, Systems and Engineering

    SRE is an intensive, ten-week program to help undergraduates immerse themselves in research and taste the excitement of inventing. SRE is led by faculty members in Computer Science. Participants will be part of a research team, including one or more faculty mentors and/or a graduate student mentor, and will be expected to make contributions to a challenging research topic. A stipend of $4500 is provided to participants.

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  • Summer Travel Grants for Research in Latin America

    The Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS) offers small grants to support summer research and travel in Latin America and the Caribbean. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis open to all undergraduate students at JHU. Grants generally range from $1,000 to $1,500 and are intended to contribute to the costs of airfare, lodging, and minimal research expenses. It is expected that successful applicants will spend at least three weeks in the region.The Program in Latin American Studies will not be making Summer Travel Grant awards for the 2017-2018 school year.

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  • Summer Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Award

    The Summer Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Award supports one Johns Hopkins University undergraduate startup each year with grant funding of $10,000. The award functions like a paid internship, enabling students to use their summer break from coursework to build a successful company. The deadline to apply is February 19, 12pm (eastern).

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  • Weisman Internship Fund (International Studies only)

    The Weisman Internship Fund is an endowment designated for International Studies students participating in summer internship experiences. Funding for internship-related expenses is awarded based on submitted proposals summarizing a position that the student has already accepted. The amount of the stipend is limited and will be determined based on available funds and the number of selected students.

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