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ForagerOne is a platform recently adopted by Hopkins to make student involvement in research simple and efficient, allowing students and faculty to connect across all university divisions and departments like never before.

For students:

Find the right faculty mentor for you. With a university-wide database of faculty, ForagerOne enables you to search by keyword, research area, or department to find the right mentor or opportunity for your research experience.
Keep it organized. Don’t lose track of the faculty leading research initiatives you’re passionate about. Refer back to your bookmarked faculty as you narrow down your ideal research mentor.
ForagerOne will make sure you put your best foot forward. Pulling information from your profile and coupling it with an interest statement you compose, ForagerOne will ensure that your application is comprehensive, yet personalized.

For faculty:

ForagerOne is here to save you time. ForagerOne pulls information from publically available universitysites to help auto-create your profile. Sign up to claim your profile and make any changes you wish to before getting started. If your profile doesn’t already exist, don’t worry —create your account today so students can find you!
Recruitment made easy so you can focus on your work. With the recruitment status toggle switch, you can indicate to students whether you’re open to receiving applications or not. And if you have any specific positions to fill, let students know what you’re looking for by posting an active project.
Build Your A-Team. Filter through student applicants by year, major, experience, and other criteria to bring onboard the students right for your team. With ForagerOne’s university-wide database, connect with other faculty to build newcollaborative partnerships.

Get started on ForagerOne today by signing up with your JHU email address!


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