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What is DREAMS?

DREAMS is HOUR’s annual celebration of the undergraduate research, scholarly and creative projects of our own Hopkins undergraduate students from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Peabody Institute, and the Whiting School of Engineering. With our undergraduates involved in such varied research and creative opportunities, DREAMS provides the perfect venue to celebrate and share these projects with the Hopkins community, family and friends. DREAMS takes place every spring on the Friday of the Homewood Alumni Weekend. Everyone should plan to attend!

DREAMS 2019 Gallery

Who can present at DREAMS?

Hopkins undergraduate students who –

  • Received a PURA, Aspire, DURA or other award and want to share your project;
  • Had a great study abroad experience;
  • Worked at an amazing internship;
  • Participated in an unbelievable summer REU;
  • Completed an honors or senior capstone project;
  • Worked on a group research or design project;
  • Had a cool research project or experience;
  • Created or interpreted a piece of music, film, art or written work;
  • Developed a new business or product;
  • Helped on an inspiring community service project!

Not sure if you can present? Contact HOUR

Is DREAMS only a poster session?

No, HOUR staff will work with each undergraduate to find the best format to present their project. The vast majority of presenters will utilize posters to convey their projects, but we also have demonstrations, films and performances. Contact us at to discuss the best way to share your project. We want to help you share and celebrate your project.

  • Poster tips: Information about our free poster printing will be emailed to registrants. Check out our Resource page for a poster template and HOUR logos and visit the DMC for access to great software and help with poster design. Posters must be no larger than 36 inches by 48 inches (3ft by 4ft) in landscape or portrait format.

Are group projects accepted to present?

Group projects are great! Each member of the group planning to present must register but be sure to use the exact same title and note other members of the group. This will allow us to credit each of you in the event program, while still designating you as a group project. All group members are welcome to present, even taking shifts throughout the day. If only one member is available to present for the group, that is also fine. Only those planning to participate in DREAMS should register.

Who can attend DREAMS?

EVERYONE! There is NO registration required to attend.

If you are an undergraduate and you do not currently have a project to present, you should attend. DREAMS is a great opportunity to network, to get ideas for projects, to discover faculty, labs and areas that support undergraduate researchers and projects, and to support your classmates projects.

Who might you see at DREAMS?

The president, provost, deans and other university officials, faculty and staff, postdocs and grad students, other undergraduates (whether they are presenting or not), and the Hopkins community at large will be checking out your projects. Hopkins alumni back visiting the campus for alumni weekend and your family and friends (if you invite them) can also be spotted checking out the great projects.

What is the registration deadline to present at DREAMS?

To be announced, stay tuned to our social media!

Where can I get more information about DREAMS?

We continue to update the HOUR website and HOUR social media accounts with new information, so bookmark us and check back regularly! And as always, you can email us anytime at


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